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Because I actually have nothing to say for once in my life.


Aug. 25th, 2008


Even if she's kind of red in the face and wrinkly still. :|


Voice Post

*cough* So... *clears throat* Um. I'm at the hospital right now. Oneechan went into labour about an hour ago and my brother hasn't gotten here yet. So I'm trying to keep the brats calm and myself too...and...um...I dunno if I'll be back to the dorm until tomorrow. I don't think I should leave right now, especially with my nephews not really getting what's going on. *clears throat again* So I'm stuck here for a while. That's really all I had to say. *click*
So I'm going to get Shi-chan and Osamu out of that closet or whatever now.


Probably the most productive thing I'm going to do this weekend.


I haven't slept so well without aid for a loooooong time. The family's all gone, I've caught up on my sleep and everything and...yeah. Feelin' pretty good, I guess.

...now I just need to fill the time the family took up. Maybe I'll monitor Oneechan or something. She IS due this month, after all.


Happy birthday to me~!

...now I need to get some sleep before the baby shower or I'll keel over greeting people. But first, I'll just update this thing.

Shi-chan and I had a bonding session. We ate ice-cream and watched kdramas. I think it was very...um. Huh. I like ice-cream and I like Shi-chan. The dramas are...probably something I could live without. But, you know...whatever, it was kinda fun.
My cousin gave me a new guitar. She thought I broke the last one. Like I'd be that stupid. Tsk. ...I liked the old one better. Maybe I just need to get used to this one.


I will not rest until I have watched both the Air Gear and Bleach musicals in succession! I will get sleep during the day! Need to make a run to the pharmacy too, can't keep using Shi-chan as a makeshift pillow.

...where is my comfy pillow?!

[ooc: ...he decided to OD on coffee. I OD'd on ice cream. The result is...loopy!Zai. His guard is down, he can be tricked into things >D]


I got sleep. Thank you, Shi-chan. I'm worried about you.

The date's been set for the baby shower. I took it up with my brother but...he said he's so sorry but I'll have to deal. Besides, won't I be so busy all day? Cooking and cleaning and helping guests and Onee-chan. I guess I'm just selfish.

July 20. My birthday. And I'll be too busy with my family and their friends to care. I hope. 

Maybe I'll go on a self-date the night before. Go out by myself and just be...glad I'm alive or something equally dumb. Or not.

[ooc: Allllll strikes are deleted.]


...I realized that I stopped numbering these for two posts. Odd thing to notice in my state. I'm half-asleep at this point but I'm typing. Too bad if everything I type is utter rubbish, yeah? I'm just going to update this and, uh, drop back onto the face of the earth before I go into hibernation. Yes. Hibernation. I'm sleeping all weekend whether people like it or not. I haven't even checked my friends page yet. Uh, well, I won't be until I wake up again. Which will be some time from now. Hopefully. If I can get to sleep.

As for why I'm so tired. This month is the baby shower. Everyone in the Zaizen clan and everyone on Oneechan's side showed up. And I mean everyone. Oneechan's half of the family has...about forty people. Our half...has about...we have more than forty. There are almost a hundred people trying to fit into an eight-person house. So we're trying to get the oldies to stay in hotels. And the whole thing is a mess so... For this reason, mom and dad flew in early. Me and mom are in charge of picking up the relatives from the airport, no matter what hour they get in. Hello, excess amounts of coffee. And I've been trying to teach Niisan to cook. Not just grill but you know, cook in different ways. Have I mentioned that the 'young people' (that's everyone between 12 and 35) are sleeping in the backyard? Lucky them, because I haven't been sleeping at all! So when me and mom went to pick up relatives, she would hand me the sign with their name on it while she went and sat in a coffee shop. And then she guilted me when I protested. At least she bought me cookies. I like Harrod's Orange Marmalade Biscuits. ...and off-topic again. I'm seriously tired, aren't I?

So between all this family crap, my only class and longer shifts at work, I'm beat. Also beat because my 16-year-old cousin keeps showing me off to her squealy high school friends. And trying to get me to play WiiFit with her. She deleted my Stepmania stepfiles, the idiot. Me and Oneechan worked hard to get high scores like those.

...going to sleep now. Maybe. I've been awake for over two weeks. Shit.

[ooc: Italics indicates that he's started rambling in English instead of Japanese. No, he hasn't noticed either. XD ...and yes, it is possible to stay up for more than two weeks straight. >>]

Yuuji-senpai, Kenya-senpai, Osamu: I hope you guys are done poking at Shi-chan. I don't think it's funny.

Shi-chan: ROOMIES! :D

Chibizen: Man U is lame, Arsenal rules. And yes, I actually wore the jersey for five consecutive days because you never said twenty-four hours a day or that I couldn't wash it.


I shouldn't be let near a pair of scissors when I'm irritated with the length of my hair. I mean, I didn't grow it out that much...even if it was enough to cover my ears...and my neck...

Anyway. I've gone back to my junior high haircut. Yup. I stood there for an hour and snipped my hair off. I can feel the wind on the back of my neck now. It's a nice feeling.

Classes start soon and I haven't even started lugging stuff back to the dorms. Blech. At least I'm just taking one class for the summer term. To hell with programming for now. I can't take it.

...I need to buy hair gel. I'll take spikes over hair in my face anyday.